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Side Boom Conversions

Tecofi ltd began an important program of pipe-layer conversion in 2005. To date about 50 Caterpillar crawler tractors (D7G, D8K and D9H) have been converted into full hydraulic drive pipe-layers using Midwestern kits.

This program has been developed in association with Rak Machineries llc and  has met a great success with all our clients worldwide.

Converted pipe-layers provide equivalent lifting capacities to the same classes of Caterpillar factory made units. Machines are prepared (bare tractor rebuilt & hydraulic kit installation) in our workshop in the USA and tested by a third party institute to verify compliance with the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.14-2005 applicable standards for side-boom tractors.

The models available with us are:

Converted machines offer the best and most cost effective compromise to pipeline contractors offering the advantage of traditional low-drive tractors combined with hydraulic technology, enhanced safety devices and simplified manoeuvrability for the operators.

New in 2010 : Excavator Sideboom Conversions

We are introducing new Pipelayer models and Paywelders into our fleet.

Our pipelayers are designed to use the Cat. 330 and 345 excavator chassis as the operating platform. The sideboom is attached to the undercarriage in such a manner that makes it uniquely different from any machine on the market today. It is constructed so that it can be taken from working to the transport mode in a matter of minutes. Operational visibility and design is far superior to all similar models in the market place today. The machines are equipped with state of the art electronic safety devices.

Standard equipment on machines :

  • Anti Two Block Device
  • Positive boom stop
  • Center Point Swing Bearing
  • Automatic boom kick-out
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